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Linux/UNIX System and Network Security

This Security Bootcamp is a unique hands-on course designed to give administrators practical experience with obscure and difficult security tasks in a supportive learning environment. Theoretical knowledge is given before and after the class so lectures can focus on the important issues that administrators will face while securing their network, designing reflexive defenses, protecting users, data and services, providing incident response and performing rudimentary forensics.

This bootcamp is a fast-paced course and assumes basic Linux system & network administration expertise. There is substantial lecture work with continuous hands-on training.

The class is complemented by our e-learning website and access to our instructors before and after the class.

The following is a high-level plan for your two days:

Day One  
9:00 AM

Introduction to Linux Security
Review of Pre-Read material & Laptop orientation

  Security Terminology & Types of Attacks

Security Policies and Practices
Top Security Mistakes
Risks Assessment
SSH, SSL, Configuring OpenSSH
Tripwire & AIDE - Change control
Authentication: Kerberos, LILO password


Locking down access to a system
User Access, Program Access, Network Access
Scanning & protecting log files
Security related kernel extensions

1:00 - 2:00 PM Lunch
Types of firewall architectures
Implementation and administration of firewalls
Select firewall reviews
VPN on the firewall

Internet Network Security Strategies
Phases of Internet adoption in an organization
Threats & Preventions based on different phases
Common attack methodologies
Firewall, Intrusion Detection Systems, Sniffers, Port scanners

  Homework reading assignment
Day Two  
 9:00 AM
Exploits and Defenses
Specific attacks & defenses
Malicious code, Root kits, Buffer overflows, Nessus
Security Auditor's Research Assistant (SARA)
Fundamentals of cryptography
Cryptography algorithms
Configuring FreeS/WAN
1:00 - 2:00 PM Lunch
  Application specific security issues
Evaluating applications for security
CGI, DNS, Sendmail, other network services
  Open Lab. Questions, Post read topics, Closing
  Homework reading assignment


The bootcamp is a fast paced course and assumes UNIX system and network administration knowledge. You should also be familiar with basics of TCP/IP and setting up a system on a LAN. If you have any questions about the difficulty level of the class, please contact us at


To enroll in the Linux/UNIX Security bootcamp, please print, fill and send in your enrollment form

FEE : $1,500 (includes all class materials and Linux laptop).

All students will get a free laptop (see specs). You will have a secured server running on this laptop to take home!!

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