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LinuxCertified Announces Debian Certified Laptop

December 2nd, 2003

LinuxCertified, Inc. announced the release of its first Debian Certified Laptop today. The LC2430 model was added to the successful line of LC2000 series laptops, with pre-configured Debian GNU/Linux. Other LC2000 models will soon be certified with Debian as well. The laptop has gone through a rigorous certification process at LinuxCertified labs and has also successfully passed beta tests by end users.

"I am delighted that LinuxCertified is offering a laptop with Debian pre-installed," said Martin Michlmayr, Leader of the Debian Project. "Many of our users seek hardware which is officially certified and supported to work with Debian, and unfortunately there's a shortage of well-supported Linux laptops in general."

LC2430 is a Linux powerhouse, which replaces UNIX workstations, providing a cost-effective and mobile solution for developers, researchers and analysts. There is no compromise in the performance and features, including big high-resolution screen, fastest processor and big memory, while maintaining the best price available in the market - making LC2430 the best Linux laptop available today. A full array of drives and ports, makes it the ultimate UNIX workstation replacement.

"The addition of Debian-based laptops in our product mix is one of our most significant achievements this year," said Chander Kant, President of LinuxCertified. "These laptops represent one of the best Linux distributions running on state-of-the-art hardware, providing a potent solution for the most demanding users".

Details about this laptop, Debian test report and ordering information can be found at:

The Debian Project is an association of individuals who have made common cause to create a free operating system. Information about this project can be found at:

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