LinuxCertified Laptop Certification Report

LC2430 on Debian GNU/Linux "woody" 3.0r1

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Installation and Configuration Notes

Installation Media Boot

The system did not boot from the installation media. We had to use linux video:vga16=off at the boot prompt of the installation CD.

System Installation

All selected packages were installed successfully.

X Window System

The installed video adapter was not properly identified but a default vesa driver was used and worked well. We downloaded the flgrx rpm file and used alien to convert it to a debian package which installed without problem. Once that was done we had to run flgrxconfig and generate a new /etc/X11/XF86Config-4

Audio System
The installed audio controller was not properly identified by the system during installation. A vanilla linux kernel source tree of 2.4.22 was obtained and the audio drivers compiled as modules. The drivers were for the i810 audio controller. Though i810 support was present starting from the 2.4.18 kernel the one which worked was the latest (at the time of test) 2.4.22 kernel To provide sound support we inserted the following in /etc/modules


Modem Support

The installed modem was not properly identified by the installed distribution. Download the tarball archive ltmodem-5.99b.tar.gz from and unpack the archive. Execute the "build_rpm" script which will create a binary rpm file to install using appropriate rpm commands (rpm -ivh).When done installing the rpm, simply execute the command "insmod lt_modem.o" and the kernel will be updated with the necessary module for support of the Lucent DSP modem. The system was pre-configured with this configuration.


The installed PCMCIA controller worked properly with the default installation.

APM & ACPI support

We chose to use ACPI support. We disabled APM in the kernel and compiled in ACPI support. For it to detect the laptop settings we had to use the acpi.diff patch provided at After we rebooted with the ACPI kernel we installed acpid, a daemon to monitor the battery status. We then compiled from source a tool called 'acpi' which provided detailed status of the battery, power, temperature etc of the laptop.

Network Interface Support

The installed network interface controller was not properly detected and configured during system installation. We compiled support for the natsemi ethernet card after which we encountered no problems

SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processor Support)

This system does not support multiple processors. The system does support hyperthreading with 3 GHz Intel Pentium IV processor.