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Topics and Objectives Covered

Linux Desktop Productivity

    Section Objectives
    • Understanding the X Windows environment & its components
    • GNOME: Features, Control Center, Panel
    • Sawfish - Window manager
    • KDE: Features, Control Panel, Kpackage
    • Overview of office applications

Linux Commands

    Section Objectives
    • Generic command syntax
    • Important commands and their use
    • Text editing using vi editor

Using the Shell

    Section Objectives
    • What is a shell?
    • Everyday shell use
    • Shell features: Piping & Redirection
    • Environment variables
    • PATH environment variable

Fundamentals of Linux Administration

    Section Objectives
    • Linux Kernel vs. Linux Distribution
    • Linux Installation
    • Concept of packages & basics of package management
    • Disks and File systems
    • Users and Groups
    • Basics of Process control

Writing Shell Scripts

    Section Objectives
    • Reasons for scripting
    • Writing a simple shell script
    • Positional parameters
    • Exit status and test conditions

Networking Fundamentals

    Section Objectives
    • Understanding the different protocols that are part of the TCP/IP protocol suite such as TCP, IP, UDP, and ICMP
    • Learning the fundamental, configuration variables for TCP/IP networks such as IP addresses, IP subnets, subnet masks, etc.
    • Setting up, configuring, and connecting a Linux computer to a TCP/IP network


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