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Linux Services - Customized, Cost Effective, Result Oriented

LinuxCertified offers efficient and highly effective Open Source Software services at your facility as well as remotely over secured network. Some of the services we offer to our clients include:

Open Source Software based IT infrastructure

: Open Source Software, including Linux, provide a highly cost-effective choice for organizations building new IT infrastructure (e.g. email, web & file services). We specialize in installing and customizing these services needed by almost all organizations. We work with the already installed systems, and integrate them into a new efficient environment, meeting the needs of the business.

Data protection services: LinuxCertified has a core competency in installing Open Source based backup server solutions to protect a network of heterogeneous laptops, workstations and servers. We can help in significantly cutting down costs of this necessary but resource consuming need of today's organizations.

Embedded and Real-Time Linux Services

: Using Linux to run embedded systems represents a huge cost-saving for companies looking to sell embedded devices, or using them in their own infrastructure. We have the expertise to be able to take on the toughest of challenges, including customizing the Linux kernel for your device and designing & optimizing the core application(s).

Custom Desktops and Servers

: While various vendors provide off-the-shelf hardware running Linux, many organizations have specific configuration and quality needs which are not met by these products. We provide custom hardware for your needs within your budget constraints. We will install and customize the Linux distribution of your choice.

Desktop Linux Installation and Dual-Boot Services: Linux is no longer an operating system for the servers. Many organizations are reaping the benefits of using Linux on the desktop. We build hundreds of Linux desktops every month. We specialize in creating the best possible environment, to increase the productivity of your end-users.

Automated Image Management:

If you are in an environment with significant number of images as your critical asset (e.g. catalog based sales environment), we can help in drastically reducing the cost of  managing and manipulating these images,  along with  storing them in a database  driven infrastructure. Linux provides an excellent platform to automatically provide routine functions like re-sizing the image, changing the background etc.

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