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Perl 101

This day long workshop features a practical and extensive introduction to Perl, with well crafted lab exercises. The class covers beginning through intermediate Perl language skills, such as manipulating files and directories, regular expressions, Perl data structures, good programming practices, and more.

The following modules will be covered during the class:

Introduction History of Perl
Philosophy of Perl
Hello World and other code examples
Scalars Literal scalar values (Numbers & Strings)
Creating and accessing scalar variables
Numeric & String Operators
Functions for manipulating scalars
Flow Control: Loops & Conditionals if/elsif/else, while, for, foreach, do/while
Using unless and until
Suffix style syntax for loops
Jumping around in loops
Looping idioms
Running & Debugging Perl Perl command line
Program arguments
Using strict and warnings
Debugging techniques
Style suggestions
Online documentation
Lists & Arrays Creating a list
List functions
Creating and accessing arrays
Array slices
Array functions
Converting between arrays and scalars
Hashes Creating and accessing hashes
Hash slices
Hash functions
Hash loop idioms
Regular Expressions Regular Expressions in Perl
Anchoring regular expressions
Matching groups of characters
Specifying how many
Grouping and Memorization
Regular Expression Modifiers
Alternative delimiters
Files & Directories Opening Files
Reading and writing files
"open or die"
Built-in Filehandles
Reading Directories and Globbing
File Test Operators
Subroutines Why subroutines
Defining and calling subroutines
Passing and returning values
Scalar and list context
Perl Modules What is a Perl module?
Types of modules
Using a module
Writing a module
Installing modules

Class Timing: Class starts at 9 AM and ends at approximately 6 PM with a hour long lunch break.

Prerequisites: The course does not assume any prior Perl knowledge. However, it assumes you can do basic text editing and understand fundamentals of writing scripts (or programs), e.g. concepts of variables, arrays etc. If you have any questions about the difficulty level of the class, please contact us at classes(at)

To enroll in this Perl class, please print, fill and send in your enrollment form

Fee: Call (includes all Perl training materials - Study guide and Companion CD).

Optional: All attendees will get a Linux laptop to be used during the class. You have the option of purchasing this laptop with an additional $500 added to your course fee. (Laptop specifications)

On-site: If you would like to arrange an on-site Perl class, please contact us at classes(at)


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